When Brenda Gets Fashion Merchandising

As the daughter Brenda was a child, he was fascinated by the ice of Saturn and its rings. Jennifer's  three years old, birthday party theme is space. But when the mother went to to seek Jennifer's clothes with pictures, they are not. They are all located in the children's department. So the 41-year mother of two who has a doctoral degree in Fashion Merchandising is business start Habeebaby.com, clothes, shoes, sandals sell gender stereotypes. A shirt with a smile green Stegosaurus, decorated plates on the rear visible. Both are available in pink flamboyant, with astronaut planting the American flag on the moon. To meet his daughter. "He was very angry with me not always pay something for astronauts to buy them," said Iyer. "Then he started to tell me:". I want to be a Gucci on my shirt ''

Habeebaby.com is one of several start-ups, it is. In recent years, with the aim of changing the rules governing the size of the children seen wearing the upstarts they do not try to replace the children's clothing is now complete. Instead, the founders say they want to have more options to offer the child. Beautiful in Pink says, it's all about pink both boys and wearing purple. providing science-themed dresses for girls. Perhaps the busiest label great daughter, reflecting the demand for pirate clothes and women in the symbol for pi Greece closed. Most companies are in the early stages as pure online business with money or bootstrap sell crowdfunded shirt or gucci shoes for kids dress.

Children learn early on what "should" and "no" lead
Some start-ups are a common origin: they do because of the frustration of parents with major retailers. The shop is not simply the opposite sex the answer, the old man said. Cultural norms mean children, naming certain things as a man or woman to be confusing and frustrating. A girl can not decide anything show for people, and to spend otherwise.

"The majority of children and parents go to the supermarket and see all the messages about what it means to be male or female,"  Never enjoyed sparkle or color "women", so Brenda shop in the children's section. When Brenda was older, she worried that labels Gucci "child" and "girl" daughter angry unnecessarily. Austin, started selling T-shirts Children in 2013 before expanding into sweaters and shorts. In an effort to encourage women to move freely, fit girl peak will fall somewhere between traditional installation shirt girl and boxy, not too loose typically marketed to children. Studies A design brief, "bold, fearless, adventurous, a lot of things", while others silhouette of girl doing Minion flying. She wants her clothes to fill the gap opened by big companies. "When the big retailers wake up and realize that not all women are the same and not all children are the same thing?" He asked.

In L, had a similar experience with his children. He was tired of her children, now four seven, the goods pushed the project dinosaurs and trucks. In 2014 he founded Quirkie Children, dedicated to the labels on the clothes gender neutral. "There is nothing wrong with girls like pink or pink," said Zoer. "But if we only have this option, there is something wrong with it."


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