Lady GaGa - "BOYS BOYS BOYS/FASHION" Music Video

My original spec music video for a mix of the inimitable Lady GaGa's singles "Boys Boys Boys" from her debut album "The Fame," and "Fashion" from the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" soundtrack.

I aimed to create a piece of video so sugary unabashedly inherently, unapologetically GaGa...that it would melt the part of the brain that absorbs pop music into a quivering, titillated mess. It's difficult to define the one and only Lady with a lesser lady, so I tried my best with six men.

A group of my friends persistently were on my case about directing a music video with them, and I couldn't think of anyone more fun, fresh, and fearless than this new star, and so for Ms. GaGa, my buddies, and for anyone who revels in the novelty of having a sense of fun in this increasingly dreary world, I offer this humble homage.