How to wear jean shorts

jeans 300x256 How to wear jean shortsFew pieces of clothing lead us to our happy childhood, when summer was living what life easier, such as shorts, jeans or denim. Anyway, when it passed the stage of childhood, wearing these clothes is harder than putting it in those days and it is a big task.

When you wear too tight or too short, other people may think that you feel some kind of Lolita in shorts, instead, to emphasize your good fashion sense wearing a sexy top that is not too tight and a belt with personality, the style of Kate Moss.

These shorts can also be put to a tighter shirt, fun accessories, and unless you’re on the beach, leaving aside your sandals and get some shoes a little more stylized, like some beautiful dancers. You must also remember that these pants should be a little loose and if you are concerned that very short, it probably is.

For example, this James Perse T-shirt that we see in the picture is great with jean shorts, plus having the advantage of coming in the colors vibrant for this season we are experiencing. Furthermore, this garment can be worn with jeans and lower gears longer when the weather is cooler. These shorts, 7 for all mankind, are perfect to get the look that you described because they have the proper cutting length and also are spectacular for this coming summer.


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