Foods to get dark

In this weeks while we all go ‘fever get dark’ and we get them shortly, I say that with freirnos the sun (which isn't recommended) is often not enough especially if your skin is clear (as my case). Dieting rich in carotenoids during this time (if them can be anything by a month earlier the better) will assist us incoming our efforts. But you know what is beta carotin?

Plant pigments beta carotin is yellow or orange once consumed our body becomes to vitamin A and activate the production of melanin, the substance responsible skin pigmentation.

In addition to carrots, which I suppose you know that are very successful as a sunscreen, other foods rich in beta carotene that you can eat are the red peppers, melons, apples, cherries, pink grapefruit, peaches, nectarines, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage or parsley.


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