deserve care and beauty

Women and men mostly cared about keeping us ever beautiful, respectable, we care almost the clothes that we'll, as seen stylish our face, hands, but we usually forget how they look our feet, is the most unrecoverable.

A lot of have dry feet, wet, dry, cracked heels, foul-smelling or moldy, but that this doesn't keep going and feet are no longer, the forgotten, we’ll give you some formulas house treatments.

To soften the feet Squeeze or crush the flesh of an avocado (avocado) ripe, ready to yogurt, mixed with egg yolk and a tablespoon of salt, apply this mixture on your feet while the massage gently, leave on for fifteen minutes after this rinse with warm water then dry them thoroughly, put expressed almond oil, a lotion that good foot care.

To remove the hardness of the feet in this treatment, the Allium cepa will be our faithful friend, for these, cut an onion stylish half and bump off some layers by the interior, the empty fill them on salt and let stand overnight, this is a liquid that we summarise pass to the feet, especially on the heels after fifteen minutes remove with warm water. We repeat 2 or 3 times a week, until completely smooth feet.

To scrap the fungus feet accordant to analyzes, seven from every ten people suffer or have always suffered from foot fungus, but the solution consists extract, apply 2 or three drops of among these lotions on the affected area, have a powerful antiseptic action, make a few times a day, after 6 weeks you'll notice the results.

Some studies suggest that lack of zinc, and omega-3s is that your feet are prone to these diseases, so called for to prevent advise increased consumption of nuts including walnuts, pignolias, seeds, fish blue cheeseflowers.

Here we reports them also about some elements that will help us in that case:

Aloe Vera this chemical element is altogether, it's many properties and in that case, the gel containing these luscious plant, accelerates the healing by rashes and swollen feet cool in the heat.

Marigold is a common and flower infusion is effective as a cream, oil of petals, help soften the hard parts and heal blisters and abrasions of the feet, thanks to its disinfectant and regenerative properties.

Citrus limon to tone up and smooth the highly sensitive skin on your feet rubbed on lemon juice, if you've calluses, soak your feet in warm water for a couple of minutes, then dry them, rub them on a wedge by lemon.


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