Coosing the color of hair dye

Choose hair coloring is more complex if you just would like to get a complete colorful suits you and make you get you a long game, take a hair color dye only by announcing the package, you've to choose based the natural skin tone and not used to think the color of your hair, because although this is also important, the hair as it passes the time changes in its texture, its color, the hue and may not be as advantageous dyeing is your color natural skin.

It's therefore important to keep back incoming mind once choosing, plus expert advice since the failure in the dye is among the hardest to fix capital in terms of aesthetics, which There are 2 basic premisses: the skin is defined by the choice of color, skin tones and those are divided in two, from there, the choice of hair color dye is easy.

For women with yellowing skin or pale skin, The dyes will represent decided, completely dark glasses by mahogany and brownish leather for those slightly yellow hue because the combination lightens the tone and blends beautifully but as with pale skin, light brown are chosen the opposite yellow skin tone and blond also work perfectly.

Women who accept a character dwellor, and whose skin is inclined to the soft tone grape or brown intense shades of hair coloring should be selected that are red, because they give a touch of contrast that goes far attractive combination.

The light-haired with pink skin, could decide between dark while chocolate or deep brown or intense blond lean toward the beige.


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