Floral print for summer 2011

Color block fashion 300x277 Floral print for summer 2011The flowers are the symbol of love, romance and spring, and are responsible for joy and color fill our summer looks. The 2011 trend of floral print comes in a variety of printed fabrics.

Be inspired by nature to achieve a romantic style with some bohemian, and seeks to bring floral garments and accessories. Opting for pastel shades and fluorine , but with smaller flowers if you’re petite or have a kilo more, and styling that will help your figure. And do not hesitate in choosing to combine natural fiber supplements.


If you are looking for a piece of summer while female character, then feel free to a dress 50s style c0mo the image. The crosscut favors that have little bust and wide straps allow you to refine the figure.

Mix two trends, of the sailor stripes and floral print is possible, and many firms that are committed to this unique combination. In a dress you have the ideal piece for your casual summer looks.

This short tunic dress with tie dye effect on the bottom, has a floral pastel hues that blend with other shades energizing, allowing you to combine it with shoe accessories found in the colored block fashion. The result is a romantic at the same time fun and very current.

Skirts and Shorts

Summer is the season where we can not refuse to look legs. Either shorts or skirts and a casual or formal. Within the proposed Zara this season, we find a short that is part of the collection youth, Zara TRF, and the lookbook is ideally combined with a washed jean jacket.

Dolce & Gabbana included in his recent collection of D & G model retro skirt with floral print. In a green and cheerful daisies drawings, this pencil skirt is the type of garment can be worn on many occasions and in different looks: white shirt, black top, high sandals, flat, and so on.

Shirts and tops

The elegance of the silk is present in this shirt from Zara. As I discussed the floral print is carried in different sizes and styles, for example, in this piece very oriental air prevails. A crop top to wear alone or to play overlapping items is the ideal base for a more casual look for and juvenile. The image has a batik print in white on fuchsia.


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