Lipstick trend in 2011

beauty tips 300x204 Red lipstick trend in 2011The lipstick will be par excellence brings a womanly sensualism and allows whatever woman look sexual regardless of their personality, although we recognize that many do not encourage this trend as striking in color than the 2011 season offers on lipsticks.

Firstly we must remember that makeup lips in loudly tone of red, requires a lot of acquirement when make-up as many times whenever you run or placed improperly can cause the opposite effect we want. Anyway, the Reds are imposed at the mouth, and there are shades to suit all tastes and types of women. What is important before choosing ises lip is to retrieve our skin type or skin tone, to make the right choice. We tell some tips for you to do the right choice and highlight the great thing about your lips with stunning shades of red.

Adult female* with fair skin color* and light-haired hair or rather clear, they must prefer those red cerise fruit as the pitch, which intensifies the factions and irresistibly sensual mouth allows. Women who wear their skins well tanned can full complement these look upon shades of red that resemble orange, red coral, salmon, providing a all-powerful and acute touch the lips.

Coloured women should opt for shades of burgundy, reds are really strong that highlight your personality and those of medium complexion, they can adapt coloring material* that come to a more pinkish red bring a touch naive and subtle.

For women who choose to wear their hair red hairAnd prefer to be fashionable with the striking red imposed must find a handsome shade of the color of her hair that way get a unique harmony when done the makeup of his lips.

As you will be able to see, minding these tips, red, need not be a color, which is limited to a single type of woman, but making the right choice, all of us can use and enhance our femininity and sensuality. Did you choose yours?


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