Bags and belts for summer 2011

Bags Bags and belts for summer 2011Accessories are conceited of many women who use them to give more personality to your own style. It is known that in most of the gateways of the best known designers, these ornaments look accent and highlight better clothes.

Some of these accessories are purses or bags. What woman does not like going to work, ride or a meeting without your wallet? I think no. That’s why many of the big fashion companies have decided to prepare and bring to sale this fixture has become so indispensable for most.
There are bags in all types of material for all trend, fabric, fabrics some models draped and filled with the most sophisticated are made of beautiful satin with flowers applications. If the portfolio is smart or to be taken at a party, models with pearls, and embroidery are the order of the day, the colors you want each and combines well with the outfit will look. Other more informal or purse to take a walk or when you go compare, have added little details like scarves or ribbons on the handles.

What is back again to any fashion are maxi bags Elaborated in sports shapes and more durable materials like leather. They added details such as prints or lots of zippers and the colors are very pretty lit going hand in hand with this season as yellow, orange and green. In reality there is something for everyone, for those who have the spirit rockin, the portfolios in metallic shades will be a favorite with handles, zippers and woven applications such as bronze and gold tones let pass this retro touch 80′s.

Well, not just the portfolios are the only accessories, belt is also one of the most used by all, at any age and in any season and an incredible way to help better define the waist and the body looks a perfect silhouette. It can be used in Wide or thin versions in braided pattern, with large buckles or different textures and with any garment, whether dresses, blouses, pants or skirts, giving him a touch of modern to spring and summer look.


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