Fashion colors for summer 2011

summer fashion colors Fashion colors for summer 2011For this summer 2011 have become fashionable on the runways of fluorescent colors, these garments in very strong colors and super flashy be present in all women’s and accessories trends for this summer season 2011.

What is new is to be combined with each other, no longer necessary to use a strong neutral colors and mitigating another tone, as used by the beautiful model Sara Carbonero, wearing apparel Gucci combining orange skirt, top and sandals With a gold purple belt. This new trend will shine in any situation, whether informal or formal as a wedding very. Meanwhile cacharel offers a high-waisted shorts that looks great orange shirt with an fluoride and a cardigan in a darker orange. The well-known firm Carolina Herrera with your always look pretty lady, have a cocktail dress proposed with a cleavage in pastel pink very original color.

H & M is the chain of stores that will be responsible for displaying the proposal for everyday low-cost clothes in colors fluoride With all combinations are possible that, depending on the look of each. The prestigious firm mango proposed also have a very colorful party dresses with sheer and fashion colors in the summer throughout that shades highlight your tan.

But not everything is on dresses, pants in bright colors like yellow, green, pink, very stuck also have made ​​a difference, and pledge to use and combine. We can not forget the accessories that complement this trend as wide belts in bright colors, bags can be elegant and casual at the same time fairly comfortable in high heels and sandals many others who will look you Fluoride makes you look really good, brilliant and stylish.


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