Amorously from the hat lady

In that location there a some couple of things you will be able to do. Sometimes, keeping a hat during is really a simple matter of making a point it fits snug enough. I own 6 straw hats, 5 of it is fedoras and I have had a couple problems where it was the last one in storehouse and it was a bit too big. When you put it on that should fit snug enough so it doesn't feel loose or like you'll be able to rock it back and forth easily. You can use weather strip tape (it comes out various sizes/colors at hardware storehouses; I usually clog moderately thick piece) to put it in the inside of the lining of the hat. Just cut a small piece off and kinda apply to the inside lining until the hat feels snug. Most of those are adhesive so you will be able to tear away the tape once you find the right amount and put it in the hat permanently.

Here's a occasional co-ordinate with the Seaworthy. I was attending work these day so I could not act full-on lolita just I thought it was a cute way to incorporate lolita into my work-clothing. ^.^ The skirt is Emily Temple Cute & the cutsew is Alice and the Pirates.

Some people also use those like...hat rope things, which are kinda ugly (like what the cowboys wont to keep their hats on, haha). With this hat, you forced out, organza or silk ribbon on either side of the hat so you will be able to bow it at the bottom. It would look really great with among those wide-length ribbons, me thinks. :D

I think hat pins is a bit hard to use if you don't have a TON of hair and have been made a little numerous decorative in the past few years.I Assumed this outfit to a meet-up last year. It features a St. Mary Magdalene dress and a Cassel Goorin Hepburn-styled hat designed by Louise Green. I think these more classical, retro-inspired shapes can be worn with great ease in lolita. Ms. Green's millinery is absolutely incredible, featuring the over-the-top hats of my dreams in a wide variety of color styles. The hat I own is a modern take on Audrey Hepburn's classic hats that featured a really tall crown and a wide brim. The brim on my Hepburn is a bit smaller, which is absolute popular these days.


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