dresses for the beach Summer

sundresses 198x300 Summer dresses for the beach and the cityIn our summer wardrobe swimsuits have a special place, and with them the clothes and accessories that are part of our look on the beach (or pool).

In those articles that accompany our summer outfits , I ask you to be comfortable and cool and not just serve to go to the beach, but it also make us look great if our day at the beach include other activities unavoidable relax before or after before the sun (go to the supermarket to fetch the children, etc.).. The sundresses meet that requirement, because if the accompany of sandals and a summer maxi-bag or basket, have a look versatile and ideal for a full day of summer.

The sailor stripes are all one “must” in the summer. And in a sundress is the best way to carry and the spirit of summer pass is unmatched. This model Zara cotton is comfortable and perfect to wear with flip-flops or leather sandals, as in the picture.

A shirt dress (the image is Mango ) in denim is perfect to wear to the beach after a morning doing your usual routine. This garment is so versatile that not only is ideal for carrying to the beach, changing your flat sandals with a platform can be part of an urban day look.

In summer 2011 collection Zara TRF we find a long dress in cotton, super feminine, very cool. Do not hesitate to include it in your bag on vacation, you can spend the day at lunch, walking and of course take to the beach or pool. The classic dress to wear to the beach is that of spaghetti straps and feminine design, in color printing. This type of garment, which allows us to show off tanned, remains in our closet for several seasons.

The tribal prints fit perfectly into your beach looks. In a dress like the image meets comfort with a feminine style with air background. Mini and strapless neckline, perfect for warmer days. Blank, for a look Ibiza. No matter what color or design of your bikini or swimsu


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