Blouses models ideal for gorditas

Blouses models 243x300 Blouses models ideal for gorditasLook nice always a priority for any girl, no matter how young or mature you are or the texture you have, because learning to combine our clothes we wear what we want to feel beautiful.
This time, I was online a few designs of blouses for girls gorditas are a beauty. So if you are sure of this club you will like and if you already have a defined style, you will have more options to expand your wardrobe.

Among the designs are ideal for big girls should be those clothes that disguise the waist and other body areas stand out as shoulders, breasts (if you have normal or low) and even the tone of our skin to look more beautiful.

Basic Tips
One thing we must always remember if we are plus size is that our blouses should be brightly colored, so that attention is set in contrast with our skin tone, our hairstyle and makeup.
Here I present an option this tunic blouse with boobies in the normal V-neck, if you have little breast or normal, this is the perfect design for you will see more ahead.

Another detail is that this type of sleeves we hide the chubby arms and make you look thinner, needless to say that the highlight color is ideal for any skin type.

Alternatively, if you have plenty of bust, is to bring tank tops and V-neck pronounced Avenue this design, which looks stunning in red, ideal for white girls, tanned. If your arms are not very wide and you have buxom this cut is ideal for you, the neck loop focuses attention to the center but in a soft, subtle.

It is true that dark colors hide and accentuate the clear, but also the bright colors, intense help us see ourselves more beautiful. A beautiful example is this dark turquoise blouse, baggy style, with globe-style sleeves and waistband cuffs and waist.

Added to this are the details on shoulders and neck very sober and sexy at the same time. You can combine this blouse with jeans or straight leg style leg in royal blue elephant, blue or black.

Remember that the wide clothes they do is accentuate your silhouette wide and very tight clothing. In this case the ideal is to find blouses that are in the middle ground, ie neither too tight nor too loose.

Ideally, as this beautiful olive green blouse Chalise that is not wide, but it draws a perfectly feminine silhouette sexy. The fools of the neckline is ideal to give the image more size. The details of the cuffs, slightly flared wide and is ideal for smooth arms and make them more sensitive.

In this case I suggest this shirt design but in a deeper color like red, fuchsia, wine, maroon, purple, dark silver, coral, salmon, tec. The variety is wide. The idea is that the layers that go over the arms and reveal some skin will help us lose weight at a time that will be sexy. Also, the round neckline Mantana help us bust size wise very elegant and seductive.

Like the previous design, this blouse tunic with V neck and arm sleeves half mask is ideal for waist and fixing our attention on our neck and arms. For his fall covering the Derrien, you can take it with leggings or tight trousers of dark straight leg (the classic jeans).

In the latter two cases, I propose these two cuts of blouses that are going to be regional. Remember that you can change the color of the blouse to the tone that you like and stay. If you like the prints, avoid those with huge designs and horizontal stripes. It is best if you choose vertical or oblique poque always make you look thinner.


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